Posted: November 8th, 2022

PN Management


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PN Management
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Answer the following questions and review the suggested learning activities. Send me your answers here. 

Describe five (5) factors that a nurse should consider prior to delegating any task related to client care. SuggestedManagement Learning Activity: Assignments, Delegation, and Supervision

The nurse has been assigned to float to another unit that she is unfamiliar with and has been given an assignment with five (5) high acuity clients.

 Identify how the nurse can address her concerns about a challenging assignment with conflict resolution strategies.
Suggested Management Learning Activity:  

Management and Conflict ResolutionThe interprofessional team is conducting a meeting for a newly diagnosed client with Parkinson’s disease. Identify three (3) health care services that will be discussed to support effective management for the client and family.  

Suggested Management Learning Activity:  Collaboration

A nurse is preparing to transfer a client to a long-term care facility.  List a minimum of three (3) data points that will be included in the transfer documentation.  

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