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Our Seclusion device

West Writers is a website appertaining to Icard Supporting Limited, a UK registered with a adminicular in US and Australia. We can be continuityed using the details producen at the foot of this page.

This seclusion device tells you what to wait-guide when we infer and arrangement your particular postulates, the straights that are helpful to you and how you can exertion them.

What we do with your postulates

We procure nincessantly dispose-of your particular postulates guide any conclude, though rarely it procure be ineviteffectual to translate your postulates to a third edge to be arrangemented. Your postulates is arrangemented guide fixed peculiar concludes:

Essential postulates

To contrive an online recital so you can transfer and download your instruction, we originate a uncommon identifier and interpretation your email oration as a interpretationrname.

So that we can gain in feel with you environing your plain, we scarcity to beneathstand your designate, email oration, phundivided enumerate and any messages you own sent through your online recital.

On the plain guidem, we petition guide your province of examine. This is becainterpretation we are required to beneathstand the province in which you are downloading your plain guide VAT views.

To arrangement your plain straight, we to-boot scarcity to pauserain details environing the assignment you are petitioning us to consummate as well-behaved-behaved as any perfects you own uploaded to your plain. You should test to push complete particular postulates from constantlyything you upload, excepting we procure do our best to anonymise it anteriorly death it on to our writers.

Sometimes, when a perfect is besides abundant to upload to our postulatesbase, we procure petition you to interpretation a labor denominated WeTranslate to transmit it to us. These perfects remain on WeTransfer’s servers guide 28 days, behind which they are automatically deleted. You can decipher WeTransfer’s seclusion device here.


If you own distinctly submited to invadetain plain marketing from us, or if you own plained from us in the late, we procure rarely interpretation your designate and email oration to transmit you adduces and promotions environing the labors we stipulate. We do this using a labor denominated Mailchimp. You can decipher Mailchimp’s seclusion policy here.

Similarly, we agency to-boot interpretation your designate and phundivided enumerate to citation you environing adduces and promotions that we are currently public. We do this using a labor denominated Esendex or Twilio. You can decipher Esendex’s seclusion device here and you can decipher Twilio’s seclusion device here.

We interpretation a labor denominated Voucherify to sway our refer-a-friend feature. If you invade your email oration, a referral with procure be originated guide you and you’ll be emailed when anyundivided you distribute the with with fixs an plain. You can decipher Voucherify’s seclusion device here.

We procure singly incessantly ccomplete you environing an existing labor you own petitioned us to stipulate or to talk environing something observeeffectual akin to your recital.


Behind we own consummated your plain, we by your designate, email oration, plain enumerate and localisation postulates, to a community denominated Trustpilot, who stipulate an refractory production reconsideration labor. They procure then email you, petitioning guide feedback on your plain, and any feedback procure be posted publicly on the Trustpilot.

Rarely we interpretation a labor denominated Superintend Monkey to transfer superintends so that we can gather feedback from our customers and better the labors we provide. Superintend Monkey interpretation your IP oration to log responses to superintends so that we beneathstand how manifold commonalty own consummated them. In plain to aid commonalty to stipulate feedback, we agency adduce a palm drag guide answerents. If so, we procure petition guide an email oration to be stipulated in the superintend, excepting this is entirely optional and is singly interpretationd to continuity the winner of the palm. You can decipher Superintend Monkey’s seclusion device here.

Other views

Sometimes, we adduce coupons to particular customers guide interpretation with future orders. To guard singly the adapted repository of the coupon can interpretation it, we store their email oration close the coupon details. These orationes are referable used guide constantlyything other than the administration of coupons.

When you fix an plain, our arrangement stores your IP oration. This oration is interpretationd to production extinguished your opportunity zundivided so that we can ccomplete you during hours that are handy guide you. It is to-boot interpretationd to substantiate when a customer is using multiple recitals to fix their instruction.

Guide payments aggravate a fixed whole, we petition guide documents to substantiate you are the registered recital supporter. This is so that we can obviate fraudulent transactions, such as commonalty paying with stolen card details.

In plain to fixedtle the postulates in instance of a integraloweffectual challenge, we archive everything that agency be bearing to the higgling or exploit of a contract (guide issue, messages or plain instructions). Way to this archived postulates is strictly guideled so that singly a lacking clear employees can visit it, and it is singly incessantly interpretationd guide the peculiar view of sustaining a integraloweffectual instance. Some of this postulates may be distributed with our integraloweffectual warning in the unreasoneffectual issue of a dispute.


Our websites fixed cookies in your browser to better your habit and to fabricate incessantlyything hasten smoothly. Guide further advice, content decipher our cookie policy.

Your straights

By method, you own a enumerate of straights helpful to you when you produce us your particular postulates. You can petition guide way to any of your particular postulates that we hold; you can petition us to emend any inaccuracies in your particular postulates; you can petition us to delete your particular postulates where there is no hankerer any amieffectual conclude guide us to own it; you can appearance to the arrangementing of your postulates in some instances; and, where you own producen submit, you are effectual to withdrag that submit at any time. Beneath fixed circumstances, such as if the postulates is esthetic to integralowable proceedings, you can to-boot petition us to temporarily plug arrangementing your particular data. Where your postulates is automatically arrangemented, you can to-boot petition guide a delineation of your postulates in a machine-readeffectual guidemat.

If you would love to exertion any of your straights listed aloft, content transmit your petition to our postulates shelter administrator at Behind we own invadetaind trial of your individuality, we procure answer to your petition among undivided enlist month.

If you are referserviceable restrainttunate with how we own handled your particular postulates, you own the straight to pareason a expostulation with the Advice Commissioner’s Office.

How we pauserain your postulates safe

Safeguard measures

We interpretation a diversity of technical and organisational measures to fabricate fast your particular postulates is stored and pestilential guardly. Guide issue, we fabricate diligent interpretation of encryption whenincessantly particular postulates is being pestilential to a third edge and we fabricate restraintmal backups in instance the initiatory delineation of your postulates is past. Complete of our nucleus postulatesbase functionality, including most of your particular postulates, is arrangemented using Amazon Web Labors (AWS), who are a cloud computing stipulater. AWS are systematic to be ISO 27001 dexterous, which is the gold scale in advice safeguard, so you can pareason systematic that your particular postulates is guard and defended.

If you adjoin with us by email aggravate the Internet, you should be aware that the character of the Internet is such that unencrypted communication may referserviceable be guard and may by through unanalogous unanalogous countries en march to us. Content do referserviceable email us with intimate or easily-affected advice such as your credit card details. We canreferserviceable sanction province guide unauthorised way to your advice that is extinguishedside our guide.

Postulates contention device

We singly support on to your postulates guide as hanker as we scarcity it to effect undivided of the views it was initiatoryly infered guide, such as to stipulate a labor, to gather feedback or to confer-in with a integraloweffectual contract. This media that contention policies guide your postulates can dispute observeably depending on the concitation and the way it is interpretationd. When deciding on a contention device guide any idea of postulates, we interpretation the restraintthcoming criteria:

  • How hanker is the postulates scarcityed guide? – Guide issue, if you own referserviceable logged in to your recital guide unanalogous years, we procure push you from our mailing lists.
  • What did we declare we would do with the postulates when we infered it? – If the views guide which we initiatoryly infered the postulates are no hankerer bearing, there is no scarcity to pauserain it.
  • Do we own a integraloweffectual contract to pauserain the postulates? – Guide issue, financial advice scarcitys to be kept guide a narrowness whole of opportunity guide impost concludes.
  • Does supporting the postulates push an inborn miss? – In the unreasoneffectual issue of a postulates gap, we omission to guard that referablehing easily-affected is stolen. We procure hence own abated contention periods guide postulates we observe to be easily-affected.

However, in public, we guardly archive most of your recital postulates behind four years of ease (visit ‘Other views’ aloft) and then permanently delete complete of your particular postulates behind six years of ease.

Transfers to countries extinguishedside the EEA

Some of the third parties we interpretation to arrangement your postulates are fixed in countries which do referserviceable own the identical scale of postulates shelter methods that EU citizens possess. In these instances, we own made fast there are safeguards in fix to psecretiveness your straights and interests. Guide issue, Superintend Monkey and Mailchimp are twain located in the United States, excepting we own made fast that they twain give-in with the EU-U.S. Seclusion Shield Framework, which guarantees the identical level of shelter.


If you are 13 or beneath, you must own liberty from a parent or guardian anteriorly you produce us your particular advice. If we meet that we own current advice from you withextinguished the alienate submit, we secretiveness the straight to efface complete transactions and labors and push complete particular postulates that you own gifted. You procure be effectual to re-submit the advice when you own the required liberty.

Links to other websites

Our websites may include withs to external third-edge websites. We are referserviceable legal guide the seclusion and safeguard of these websites regular they behanker to Icard Supporting Limited. This seclusion device applies singly to West Writers.

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