Posted: November 24th, 2022

Religion in Asia

Write your initial post on one of the following prompts:

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Religion in Asia
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1) There are three main formulations of yoga in the Bhagavad Gita: (i) the yoga of knowledge or insight (jnana yoga), (ii) the yoga of action (karma yoga), and the yoga of devotion (bhakti yoga). How do you conceive of the relationship between these three types of yoga in the moral psychology and ethical theory developed in the course of Krishna’s council to Arjuna in the “battlefield of dharma”? Which one do you take to be the highest form of the practice of equanimity, and why?

2) What do you take to be the theory of self animating the theory of ideal action (not bound to desire but only acting for the sake of “self-dharma” sva-dharma) in the Gita? Are there tensions or alternative theories at play in the text?

3) In a number of places (e.g. BG 9.23 & 9.25; 7.17, 6.31) Krishna seems to present resources for developing a robust account and defense of deep religious pluralism. What do you think? What are the prospects for inter-religious dialogue and inter-religious community based in mutual respect and understanding as articulated from a standpoint based in conceptual resources from the Gita?

4) Any other topic or passage from the Gita that you want to explore in more depth.

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