Siemens: Cost and Activity-based Costing Objectives

15. 514 Summer 2003 Session 17 Activity-Based Costing Objectives 1. Computation of consequence requires using ABC 2. Understand the role of judgment: how are require pools and require drivers strong? 3. Link require facts to strategic choices Game Plan & Systematize Pedagogy Case discourse. Reading Assignment CP: Siemens Electric Motor Works Systematize Preparation Questions Focus your group’s study on the redundant questions (1 -6). Attempt to confutation questions 7 and 8 antecedently hence to ruleatize, but don’t endue balancemuch period on this lesson, as we obtain employment through the computational issues concurrently in ruleatize. Thinking encircling the issues and the requireing approaches should select lead balance “getting the fair total. ” 1. What were the competitive conditions confrontment EMW in the tardy 1970s? 2. What fluctuate in management did EMW’s overseers beneathselect in confutation to these conditions? 3. How did EMW’s new management fluctuate the way consequences were fictitious? 4. Describe the 1970s requireing rule at EMW. 5. Describe the 1980s requireing rule (PROKASTA) at EMW. 6. How do the two rules contend in their texture of requires for appoint processing and specific ingredients? 7. Calcutardy the require of the five appoints in Exhibit 4 beneath the transmitted and PROKASTA require rules. Hint: principal scold the PROKASTA requires of processing an appoint and handling a specific ingredient. 8. Compare transmitted and PROKASTA requires for Motor A in Exhibit 4 if 1 ace, 10 aces, 20 aces, or 100 aces are appointed. 9. If you were a overseer at EMW, how influence you use the new require rule to constitute better