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The portions of the United Nations fix vast appreciate in the resolution you granted on the property of global warming that manifestation from population augmentation. They are now learning you transcribe an affixed resolution to enclose aid manifestations cognate to population augmentation. Here is the manifestation they enjoy asked you to consider:

The portion states of the United Nations attempt to set-up stay systems that can produce global stay safeguard which allure pamper fullone, fullwhere, full day by neat stay capacity though the furtherance of able and nutritional urban exercitations. The searching manifestation is not the failure of stay in the cosmos-herd but the avenue to that stay. In numerous amplifying countries, stay shortages are due to governmental manage aggravate stay distribution. These governments haunt manage of the population and their sway by limiting avenue to nutritious stay to secure groups. In this exercitation, they thereby "weaponize" stay. 

Your remedy scheme as a consultant for the United Nations is to amplify an resolution that discoursees three manifestations cognate to global stay insafeguard caused by global population augmentation and indigence, and to discuss these manifestations in a amplifying empire of your choosing. 

The UN has given you the subjoined guidelines.


The UN has asked that your disquisition comprise three individualitys. Each individuality should be one page (or almost 300 articulation) in extension and counterpart local interrogations, identified in the plan under. It too asks that you use examples from your amplifying empire when counterparting the interrogations. 


Provide an induction of half a page insufficiency that discoursees points a-e under.

  1. Explains the problem the UN has asked you to discourse in your own articulation;
  2. Identifies the three individualitys your disquisition allure screen;
  3. Identifies the amplifying empire you allure consider;
  4. Tells the UN the causes of stay censure; and
  5. Provides a one-sentence declaration of your solutions at the end of your induction article.

Section I. Background

  1. What is stay censure?
  2. What role does population augmentation play in stay safeguard?

Section II. Technologies That Can Bring Crave and Amend Stay Security

  1. What forms of technology can be used to bring crave and amend stay safeguard?
  2. How would these technological solutions production?
  3. What causes of stay insafeguard do these technologies discourse?

Section III. Local Factors in Chosen Developing Country

  1. Considering the causes of stay censure, what factors stop the issue of stay from the fountain to the herd in the amplifying empire you clarified? 


  • Provide a blank of half a page insufficiency that encloses a resume of your meetings that the United Nations can use to impart advenient system decisions.

Success Tips

  • In counterparting each interrogation, use examples from your amplifying empire to interpret your points. 
  • The UN needs postulates and extrinsic resolution on which to worthiest advenient system decisions; quit specific view and produce secure your counterparts are worthiestd on impartation you meet through learning. 

Formatting Requirements

  • Make secure your disquisition consists of four to six pages of gratified (or 1,200 articulation insufficiency, not including the caggravate or intimation pages).
  • Create headings for each individuality of your disquisition as follows:  
    • Section I. Background
    • Section II. Technologies That Can Bring Crave and Amend Stay Security
    • Section III. Local Factors in Chosen Developing Country
  • Use and quote at last five probable fountains in your learning. A register of germinative instrument is suited under.
  • Make secure your disquisition comprises twain in-text citations and a fountain register, per SWS guidelines: Refer to the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) instrument for intimation. 
  • Include a caggravate page delay your indicate, the empire you clarified, the era you submitted the disquisition, and your instructor’s indicate.

Potential Sources

  1. Peter Timmer. May/June 2015. Stay Safeguard and Scarcity: Why Ending Crave Is So Hard. Foreign Affairs.
  2. The United Nations Population Division. 2017. Cosmos-herd Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision.
  3. Will Martin. November 5, 2010. Stay Safeguard and Poverty: A Precarious Balance. Let's Talk Development blog by The Cosmos-herd Bank.