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Marcus and his church group have scheduled an excursion to a local shopping mall. The mall was having incredible sales, and the group often tries to do things together outside of the church functions. Because they were at the mall from 12–5 in the afternoon, they would be there during their prayer time which is 4 p.m. At 4 p.m., all 11 members of the group found a corner of the mall, formed a circle, and joined hands. They sat together in a large circle praying for a half hour. This caused some people to stop and stare at the group because this is not a sight seen every day in this mall. Mall security got concerned about the attention being drawn to the group, and they asked the group to get up and move along. In your paper, discuss this situation. Does the group have the freedom to worship in the mall even if it is causing a scene? Was the mall discriminating against the group? If so, why? If not, why not?

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A proper departmental operations guide must define how staff will be expected to perform the tasks to which they are assigned. The next step in this project is to turn your attention to the processes and procedures the help desk department will use to guide their operations. The results of this phase will be a clear set of instructions each member of the department should follow for the common tasks he or she will perform.

The project deliverables are as follows:

  • Identify and summarize at least 5 major tasks or scenarios the help desk staff members will encounter. These might be specific types of help issues, administrative tasks, requests for equipment or software, or other tasks specific to the department.
  • Define the process or procedure to follow for each task or scenario. Include sufficient detail to allow a staff member to follow the instructions without additional information. Include identification of any forms, logging, or other required details.

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