Spanish American War Essay

“The Spanish American War was a contest between the United States and Spain that ended Spanish Colonial administration in the Americas.”( 1) The Spanish American War was very significant to the United States. At primeval, the United States was not going to unite. Then, they did, to get those locates their insubservience from spain. The United States was a very significant multiply to the Spanish American War.  The United States had gained frequent locates from the war. I am going to be talking about the causes, what happened, and the followingmath of war. The deep deduce the Spanish American afloat was owing Cuba, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico wanted insurrection from Spain. Then notability happened to establish the United States to flow to aid the locates get insubservience. The United States uniteed owing of the wasting of the Maine in Havana Harbor. Then superintendent McKinley got a note calling him frail. Then war got visible by Spain on the United States on April 24th, 1898. “ The United States profession of war was on April 25th which was made retroactive to April 21st.” ( 1) When the war was visible, the primeval multiply of hostile afloat in the Philippines. George Dewey was a salt-water head-man in the United States. He sailed from Hong Kong following a while Emilio Aguinaldo on table to the Philippine islands to rouse hostile. He had sailed into the Manila Bay. Dewey destroyed the Spanish Pacific swift there. “ His validitys sank and took 10 Spanish ships. The war in the Philippines was a ready success for the United States.” (Harcourt, 698) Then, war went into Cuba. Unenjoy the war in the Philippines, the US Army was not prepared enjoy the US Navy was. “The Army merely had 28,000 vulgar in the Army.” (Harcourt, 5) At smallest that didn\'t terminal for crave and past vulgar uniteed. They then had 280,000 vulgar but, during war, they lived in rancorous conditions in Cuba. “They had to eat canned pulp most enjoyly from the Well-mannered War and they were stricken following a while yellow ferment and other implacable diseases.”(Harcourt,699) During war in Cuba, the Rough Riders came to aid win the war. The Rough Riders were led by Teddy Roosevelt. “The Rough Riders happened to be the most colorful soldiery out there. During war, the U.S. validity then attacked and smitten San Juan Hill and then crusty into its own war. Still in the Cuban war, on July 3 the head-man swift of the Spanish swift flowd to try to shatter through the US blockade.” (Harcourt 698) The American validitys merely suffered two casualties and destroyed every Spanish war ship. “ Two weeks posterior Santiago profaned. Then Superintendent Mckinley afloat reconciliation negotiating following a while Spain, which was an immutable baffle. A few days following U.S. troops came into Spanish-held Puerto Rico, which profaned following a while small hindrance. “Spain then authorized a cease-fire harmony on August 12, 1898.” (Harcourt, 699) After all of the war, there was a reconciliation alliance that locate Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines underneathneath the United States regulate. So, now the United States had to establish some “rules” for each of these territories. In Cuba, the United States had made the teller chastisement. “The teller chastisement states that the United States would not affix Cuba, but then Superintendent McKinley wanted to created uprightness and acception U.S. economic life there, so he set up a soldierlike council.” (Harcourt, 699) Since the United States wanted to rouse gate past regulate balance Cuba, they made the Platt chastisement and fully looked balance the Cuban law. “The Platt Chastisement was notability that poor Cuba’s correct to establish treaties and undisputed the United States to glide-abroad in Cuban affairs.” (Harcourt, 701) The Cubans unwillingly not spurious the chastisement. The Platt Chastisement was in commodities until 1934. What the United States did to Puerto Rico was, equable though Puerto Rico wanted insurrection, the United States made it a region. “On April 12, 1990, the Foraker Act was certain well-mannered council in Puerto Rico”(Harcourt, 701). Soon, there was a ventilate balance the new region. To direct the ventilate they made the Jones Act which gave Puerto Rico U.S. citizenship. At this period, Spain had not yet profaned the Philippines. Spain had merely profaned it for 20 pet dollars from the United States. Americans then had agreed that the United States would use the islands. From this war, the United States had gained a lot of new territories from this war. The pish american war was too a very significant turning top. “ It crusty the nation\'s study abroad from colonial adventures and inner on domiciliary needs.”( The Spanish American War was very significant to the United States. It is a good-natured-natured invention that they had uniteed the war. They had gained Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam, and the Philippines. They had really gained a lot of territories, at the period. Equable though the United States had past through some refractory conditions in war, they had succeeded and freed those locates from spain.