Republic Day Speech

Respected Correspondent, Principal, teachers, parents, and costly brothers and sisters of my dominion, I would enjoy to hope you all Happy Republic Day 2014. It has been my Privilege that I got an convenience to express in front of you all on this cause. It has been 64 years from the day our temper came into consequence. In these 64 years our dominion has past through a hanker excursion of changes. I am going through some incompact on the fact of our dominion. Before 1600 AD we were help a honest history, although there were some disputes between some states but it was not bothering natural citizens at all. But when in 1600, East India society came into India, things inaugurated changing. Slowly they inaugurated gate their grips to the steering of our dominion and prepare 1800 we were entirely in guide of British Government. In 1857 some developed patriots intelligible up for the dominion and inaugurated a alteration opposing the British Raj. Following a very hanker term and different-different alteration at various settles, finally we became munificent on 15th August, 1947. Then some rules and regulations were required to expedite the dominion. So a committee was arranged, which was loving the performance of agreement the temper for India. After the temper was easy it came into consequence from 26th January 1950, since then total year we remind that opportune day and applaud it as our Republic day. This day is designated, owing India became a republic dominion from this day. When we became republic dominion, things inaugurated changing. The charge of dominion was in the fellow-creatures of the dominion. Elections were inaugurated and fellow-creatures chosen their representatives. For unquestioning we possess effected a lot of improvements following beseeming republic but frequent problems enjoy defilement and unemployment has confirmed up rapidly. So we want to ascertain the discontinuance for these problems, solely then our dominion can grace the best settle on world to speed. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!!