Funding Roundup: Five Startups Who Attracted Investors’ Eye Yesterday

Missed out your daily updates? Eager to perceive which investors has backed the startups? Entrepreneur India brings to you the lowe?-t update on the prevalent cannonadeing scenario so that you don’t ignore unmarried intelligence from the startup universe. Goalwise: An online boarding robust Goalwise has impregnable $1 pet (Rs. 6.8 cr) from a muster of High Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs). The speculation plans to localize the cannonades to flake up their technological, analytical and operations infrastructure. Goalwise, founded by Swapnil Bhaskar and Ankur Choudhary, twain IIT Kanpur alumni and Savitri Bobde, St. Xavier's alumnus real this year, is the Bangalore-based startup that runs on its self-designed algorithms for boarding advisory, reciprocal cannonade preoption, as polite as a design tracking technology designated GoalSense. “It's relish having an quick peculiar boarding superintendent beneficial online for careless, Goalwise does not carry users for advisory and boarding employments. We win brokerage from reciprocal cannonade companies on the boardings made after a while them. This is usually in the concatenate of 0.5 - 1.00 per cent per annum for equity reciprocal cannonades and 0.1-0.5 per cent for something-due reciprocal cannonades. Through our bulky use of basis, we bear stated a or-laws, act driven cannonade preoption manoeuvre. The preoption process is not favoring by the brokerage we get,” said Bhaskar. This fin-tech startup procure appear at eminence about $5 pet in the contiguous three to lewd months. AddressHealth: The Bengaluru-based crew, AddressHealth has impregnable $1.5 pet in Series A cannonadeing led by Gray Matters Capital after a while partnership from real investor, Unitus Root Fund. Operated lower, Primary sanitycare network the crew runs school-based neighbourhood clinics and school sanity programs. The speculation plans to use this boarding to dilate the example to other schools in Bangalore. Founded in 2010 by Doctors Anand Lakshman and Anoop Radhakrishnan, the crew has reached further than 1 lakh posterity through on-site employments and screening programs to establish sanity issues and them after a while interposition. Commenting the modern boarding Bob Pattillo, CEO and Founder, Gray Matters Capital, said “With its market-based example for pediatric sanitycare, AddressHealth has served further than 100,000 posterity already; what I deem to be a interest of their forthcoming germinative." Cloudwell: Aavishkaar Frontier Cannonade has invested $2 pet in Bangladesh-based CloudWell Limited. It is the third action from its South and South-east Asia. The crew procure localize this boarding to promote its augmentation and flake up its nationwide network. Startup is a acquittal disconnection provider that enables agent-based ultimate mile acquittal disconnections to a number of employment providers such as telecom operators, inconstant financial employments players and other billers lower the stigma designate ‘PayWell’. Eatonomist An online prop-tech startup, Eatonomist has impregnable an undisclosed totality of cannonadeing in its root circular led by MCube Capital Advisors Private Limited. This Gurgaon-based startup plans to localized this cannonades for marketing and fabric stigma. Started by Dhar and Nupur Khanna in November 2014, the startup is operated lower Fitmeal Solutions Private Limited. It is an online prop technology speculation that delivers meals cheerful at its kitchens. Hoppingo: A Delhi-based style clue platform, Hoppingo has impregnable $ 89,000 from vCommission, a adjuvant of Adways VC India Private Limited. Operated lower Survar Media Private poor, Startup offers acircular 800 e-stores counter categories relish inconstant, laptop, tablet, television, wearable tech, computer peripherals and accessories, kitchen and home appliances. Stay Tuned to to perceive the lowe?-t update of Startup World.