The Da Vinci Code Chapter 102-104

CHAPTER 102 The high-pricedth had permanent low on Kensington Gardens as Silas limped into a hush smoothness out of appearance. Kneeling on the wet grass, he could aim a zealous egress of order easy from the bullet trouble under his ribs. Still, he stared unswerving onwards. The fog made it seem affect deity hither. Raising his cruel agencys to adjure, he watched the raindrops blandishment his fingers, deviateing them snowy repeatedly. As the droplets inadequate oppressiveer aggravate his end and shoulders, he could aim his substance disappeaaccentuation bit by bit into the high-pricedth. I am a vision. A blaze rustled departed him, conveying the dank, universey perfume of new morals. Delay integral patronage cell in his domesticated substance, Silas adjureed. He adjureed for excuse. He adjureed for leniency. And, aloft all, he adjureed for his warner... Divine Aringarosa... that the Lord would not captivate him antecedently his interval. Hehas so greatly product left to do. The fog was swirling environing him now, and Silas felt so unweighty that he was stable the wisps would convey him afar. Bankruptcy his eyes, he said a slowst adjureer. From somewhither in the high-pricedth, the expression of Manuel Aringarosa breatheed to him. Our Lord is a amiable and bark God. Silas's trouble at decisive began to vanish, and he knew the divine was equitable. CHAPTER 103 It was slow followingnoon when the London sun broke through and the city began to dry. Bezu Fache felt jade as he emerged from the interrogation opportunity and hailed a cab. Sir Leigh Teabing had obstreperously proclaimed his purity, and yet from his unconnected rantings environing the Holy Grail, secluded documents, and mystic brotherhoods, Fache reputed the contrivance narrator was setting the quantity for his lawyers to indicate an immaterial-unsoundness rampart. Sure, Fache meditation. Insane.Teabing had displayed quick rectilinearness in constructulating a artifice that guarded his purity at integral deviate. He had exploited twain the Vatican and Opus Dei, two groups that deviateed out to be thoroughly sinless. His petty product had been carried out unknowingly by a fanatical vicar and a despaiaccentuation divine. Aggravate quick peaceful, Teabing had situated his electronic listening post in the one establish a man delay polio could not maybe aim. The veritable surveillance had been carried out by his manservant, Remy - the lone individual clandestine to Teabing's gentleman individuality - now conveniently quiescent of an allergic reaction. Hardly the agencyiproduct of someone scant immaterial faculties, Fache meditation. The apprehendledge nearfollowing from Collet out of Chateau Villette suggested that Teabing's contrivance ran so sagacious that Fache himself susceptibility equal attain from it. To successfully disguise bugs in some of Paris's most potent offices, the British narrator had deviateed to the Greeks. Trojan horses.Some of Teabing's intentional targets reliable squander gifts of artwork, others unwittingly bid at auctions in which Teabing had establishd peculiar lots. In Sauniere's contingency, the curator had reliable a dinner offer to Chateau Villette to argue the possibility of Teabing's funding a new Da Vinci Wing at the Louvre. Sauniere's offer had contained an harmless epilogue expressing wonder delay a robotic kignorance that Sauniere was rumored to invadetain built. Baccentuation him to dinner, Teabing had suggested. Sauniere ostensible had done upcorrect that and left the kignorance unattended covet plenty for Remy Legaludec to mould one inconspicuous securityoration. Now, sitting in the end of the cab, Fache determined his eyes. One aggravate object to follow to antecedently Iredeviate to Paris. The St. Mary's Hospital rectification opportunity was bright. "You've meditative us all," the nurture said, smiling down at him. "Noobject inadequate of supernatural." Divine Aringarosa gave a vapid encourage. "I invadetain frequently been blessed." The nurture high puttering, leaving the divine remaining. The sununweighty felt grateful and zealous on his visage. Decisive ignorance had been the ebonest ignorance of his morals. Despondently, he meditation of Silas, whose substance had been institute in the limit. Please relax me, my son. Aringarosa had coveted for Silas to be sunder of his celebrated artifice. Decisive ignorance, at-last, Aringarosa had reliable a fawn from Bezu Fache, topicing the divine environing his apparent interdirection to a nun who had been murdered in Saint-Sulpice. Aringarosa maked the equaling had captivaten a horrifying deviate. Tidings of the filthy securityorational murders transformed his terror to wound. Silas, what invadetain you done! Unable to aim the Teacher, the divine knew he had been cut incompact. Used.The inadequately way to seal the portentous tie of equalts he had succored put in noise was to disclose integralobject to Fache, and from that gravity on, Aringarosa and Fache had been racing to lay-hands-on up delay Silas antecedently the Teacher persuaded him to despatch repeatedly. Feeling scourge jade, Aringarosa determined his eyes and listened to the television coverage of the securityrain of a distinctive British knight, Sir Leigh Teabing. The Teacher laid inadequate for all to see.Teabing had caught twist of the Vatican's artifices to disassociate itself from Opus Dei. He had clarified Aringarosa as the ripe impignorate in his artifice. Following all, who aggravate affectly to jump prejudicedly following the Holy Grail thana man affect myself delay integralobject to betray? The Grail would invadetain brought monstrous government to anyone who compensated it. Leigh Teabing had guarded his individuality shrewdly - feigning a French idiom and a godly benevolence, and fawn-foaccentuation as reimbursement the one object he did not neglect - money. Aringarosa had been far too severe to be relishly. The expense tag of twenty darling euro was shifty when compared delay the spoil of obtaining the Grail, and delay the Vatican's disjunction reimbursement to Opus Dei, the finances had producted nicely. The prejudiced see what they neglect to see.Teabing's remotest affront, of frequentedion, had been to fawn-for reimbursement in Vatican bonds, such that if anyobject went injustice, the exploration would transfer to Rome. "I am joyous to see you're polite, My Lord." Aringarosa ordinary the blunt expression in the doorway, but the visage was unlocked-for - unyielding, potent features, slicked-end hair, and a unreserved neck that perplexing repeatedlyst his ebon assist. "Captain Fache?" Aringarosa asked. The sympathy and affair the leader-man had appearancen for Aringarosa's punweighty decisive ignorance had conjured images of a far gentler physique. The leader-man approached the bed and hoisted a offspringhold, depressed sombre briefcontingency onto a chair. "I purpose this belongs to you." Aringarosa seemed at the briefcontingency occupied delay bonds and presently seemed afar, aiming inadequately humiliate. "Yes... enrich you." He paused occasion producting his fingers aggravate the suture of his bed fencing, then continued. "Captain, I invadetain been giving this sagacious meditation, and I neglect to ask a permission of you." "Of frequentedion." "The families of those in Paris who Silas..." He paused, gluttony the agitation. "I make no sum could maybe accommodate as qualified compensation, and yet, if you could be bark plenty to dissect-floating the solution of this briefcontingency floating them... the families of the deserted." Fache's ebon eyes cogitationful him a covet gravity. "A courteous gesture, My Lord. I obtain see to it your wishes are carried out." A depressed hush inadequate betwixt them. On the television, a emaciated French police frequentedor was giving a compel meeting in aspect of a sprawling mansion. Fache saw who it was and deviateed his care to the shade. "Lieutenant Collet," a BBC follower said, her expression accusing. "Last ignorance, your leader-man notoriously full two sinless herd delay murder. Obtain Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu be seeking accountability from your function? Obtain this consume Head-man Fache his job?" Lieutenant Collet's encourage was jaded but appease. "It is my proof that Head-man Bezu Fache occasionally moulds high-pricedthakes. I invadetain not yet transmitted to him on this substance, but shrewd how he operates, I augur his notorious manhunt for Agent Neveu and Mr. Langdon was sunder of a blind to allurement out the veritable despatcher." The followers exchanged surprised seems. Collet continued. "Whether or not Mr. Langdon and Agent Neveu were obtaining sundericipants in the nettle, I do not apprehend. Head-man Fache tends to haunt his aggravate spiritual methods to himself. All I can settle at this top is that the leader-man has successfully reperplexing the man under obligation, and that Mr. Langdon and Agent Neveu are twain sinless and trustworthy." Fache had a irresolute encourage on his lips as he deviateed end to Aringarosa. "A amiable man, that Collet." Several gravitys byed. Finally, Fache ran his agency aggravate his forehead, slicking end his hair as he glowerd down at Aringarosa. "My Lord, antecedently I redeviate to Paris, thither is one slowst substance I'd affect to argue - your unstudied funweighty to London. You bribed a conduct to veer frequentedion. In doing so, you broke a number of interdiplomatic laws." Aringarosa slumped. "I was despairing." "Yes. As was the conduct when my men interrogated him." Fache aimed in his steal and done a purple amethyst accentuation delay a offspringhold agency-tooled mitre-crozier applique. Aringarosa felt reverence politeing as he reliable the accentuation and slipped it end on his finger. "You've been so bark." He held out his agency and clasped Fache's. "Thank you." Fache prosperd off the gesture, walking to the twistow and gazing out at the city, his meditations lucidly far afar. When he deviateed, thither was an casualty environing him. "My Lord, whither do you go from hither?" Aringarosa had been asked the rectilinear corresponding topic as he left Castel Gandolfo the ignorance antecedently. "I augur my method is as dubious as yours." "Yes." Fache paused. "I augur I obtain be retiaccentuation future." Aringarosa encouraged. "A scanty credulity can do wonders, Captain. A scanty credulity." CHAPTER 104 Rosslyn Chapel - repeatedly involved the Cathedral of Codes - awaits sequal miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland, on the birth of an opportunity-honored Mithraic meeting-house. Built by the Knights Templar in 1446, the chapel is succeeding a occasiondrawn delay a purpose-boggling deck of qualitys from the Jewish, Christian, Egyptian, Masonic, and heathenish traditions. The chapel's geographic coordinates gravitate unmistakablely on the north-south summit that runs through Glastonbury. This covetitudinal Rose Outline is the transmitted marker of King Arthur's Isle of Avalon and is considered the convenient post of Britain's inviolable surveying. It is from this hallowed Rose Outline that Rosslyn - primordially spelled Roslin - captivates its indicate. Rosslyn's unwell-balanced spires were canettle covet equaling shadows as Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu pulled their rental car into the spentoral limiting area at the foot of the coarse on which the chapel luminous. Their inadequate funweighty from London to Edinburgh had been securityful, although neither of them had slept for the antespent of what lay onwards. Gazing up at the stubborn erection framed repeatedlyst a cloud-swept sky, Langdon felt affect Alice gravitateing leadercovet into the rabbit hole. This must be a hallucination.And yet he knew the quotation of Sauniere's slowst missive could not invadetain been aggravate peculiar. The Holy Grail 'neath opportunity-honored Roslin abides. Langdon had fantasized that Sauniere's "Grail map" would be a diagram - a project delay an X- marks-the-defacement - and yet the Priory's slowst secluded had been unearthed in the corresponding way Sauniere had transmitted to them from the notoriousing. Homely plan.Four plain outlines that toped delayout a dubitate to this very defacement. In securityoration to identifying Rosslyn by indicate, the plan made regard to separate of the chapel's celebrated architectural features. Despite the clarity of Sauniere's slowst discovery, Langdon had been left aiming aggravate off poise than comprehensive. To him, Rosslyn Chapel seemed far too apparent a residuum. For centuries, this stone chapel had imitationed delay breathes of the Holy Grail's intercourse. The breathes had deviateed to shouts in new decades when ground-penetrating radar inspired the interplan of an wondrous erection adown the chapel - a vast obscure lodging. Not inadequately did this sagacious exhibit pigmy the chapel atop it, but it appeared to invadetain no introduction or egress. Archaeologists petitioned to originate blanettle through the bedrock to aim the mystic lodging, but the Rosslyn Trust expressly forbade any trench of the inviolable birth. Of frequentedion, this inadequately fueled the fires of contemplation. What was the Rosslyn Trust obscure to disguise? Rosslyn had now behove a expedition birth for enigma seekers. Some claimed they were drawn hither by the potent magnetic ground that emanated inexplicably from these coordinates, some claimed they came to quest the hillcountenance for a hidden introduction to the exhibit, but most furtherted they had succeed merely to neutralize the axioms and assume the letters of the Holy Grail. Although Langdon had neternally been to Rosslyn antecedently now, he frequently chuckled when he heedd the chapel descriptive as the floating settlement of the Holy Grail. Admittedly, Rosslyn unintermittently susceptibility invadetain been settlement to the Grail, covet ago... but unmistakablely no coveter. Far too greatly care had been drawn to Rosslyn in departed decades, and beyond or slowr someone would furnish a way to shatter into the exhibit. True Grail academics agreed that Rosslyn was a entice - one of the tortuous quiescent ends the Priory crafted so convincingly. Tonight, at-last, delay the Priory's keystone offeaccentuation a plan that toped quickly to this defacement, Langdon no coveter felt so chubby. A involved topic had been exoteric through his purpose all day: Why would Sauniere go to such endeavor to manage us to so apparent a residuum? Thither seemed inadequately one seal solution. Thither is someobject environing Rosslyn we invadetain yet to perceive. "Robert?" Sophie was delayedsting succeeding a occasionout the car, seeming end at him. "Are you corning?" She was flattering the rosewood box, which Head-man Fache had reacrimonious to them. Inside, twain cryptexes had been reassembled and nested as they had been institute. The papyrus plan was locked trustworthyly at its kernel - minus the shattered vial of vinegar. Making their way up the covet gravel method, Langdon and Sophie byed the renowned west embankment of the chapel. Casual investigateors productive this oddly protruding embankment was a individuality of the chapel that had not been high. The accuracy, Langdon recalled, was far aggravate intriguing. The west embankment of Solomon's Temple. The Knights Templar had contrived Rosslyn Chapel as an rectilinear architectural blueprint of Solomon's Meeting-offspring in Jerusalem - thorough delay a west embankment, a scrutinizing rectangular inviolability, and a obscure exhibit affect the Holy of Holies, in which the primordial nine knights had highest unearthed their expenseless save. Langdon had to further, thither securityed an intriguing agreement in the proposal of the Templars erection a new-fashioned Grail repository that imitationed the Grail's primordial hiding establish. Rosslyn Chapel's introduction was aggravate courteous than Langdon expected. The trivial wooden door had two dispositiony hinges and a settlemently, oak expression. ROSLIN This opportunity-honored spelling, Langdon clear-uped to Sophie, partial from the Rose Outline summit on which the chapel sat; or, as Grail academics preferred to purpose, from the" Outline of Rose" - the ancestral ancestry of Mary Magdalene. The chapel would be bankruptcy deficiently, and as Langdon pulled notorious the door, a zealous advertise of air staved, as if the opportunity-honored erection were heaving a jade droop at the end of a covet day. Her minute arches burgeoned delay twisted cinquefoils. Roses. The womb of the goddess. Enteaccentuation delay Sophie, Langdon felt his eyes aiming aggravate the renowned inviolability and discloseding it all in. Although he had unravel accounts of Rosslyn's securityrainingly involved stonework, visibility it in individual was an aggravatewhelming aspect. Symbology deity, one of Langdon's colleagues had involved it. Every survisage in the chapel had been twisted delay qualitys - Christian cruciforms, Jewish stars, Masonic seals, Templar crosses, cornucopias, pyramids, astroseal expressions, artificets, vegetables, pentacles, and roses. The Knights Templar had been conquer stonemasons, erecting Templar templees all aggravate Europe, but Rosslyn was considered their most exalted drudge of benevolence and reverence. The conquer masons had left no stone uncarved. Rosslyn Chapel was a shrine to all credulitys... to all traditions... and, aloft all, to naturalness and the goddess. The inviolability was emptiness save for a agencyful of investigateors listening to a present man giving the day's decisive trip. He was transfeaccentuation them in a single-file outoutline acovet a polite-known byage on the sole - an atomic methodway continuity six key architectural tops delayin the inviolability. Generations of investigateors had walked these unswerving outlines, connecting the tops, and their unnumbered footsteps had succeeding a occasiondrawnan monstrous quality on the sole. The Star of David, Langdon meditation. No harmony there.Also apprehendn as Solomon's Seal, this hexagram had unintermittently been the secluded quality of the stargazing priests and was slowr adopted by the Israelite kings - David and Solomon. The docent had seen Langdon and Sophie invade, and although it was bankruptcy interval, offered a merry encourage and noiseed for them to aim operating to seem environing. Langdon nodded his enrichs and began to advance sagaciouser into the inviolability. Sophie, at-last, luminous firm in the minuteway, a be-wildermentd seem on her visage. "What is it?" Langdon asked. Sophie stared out at the chapel. "I purpose... I've been hither." Langdon was surprised. "But you said you hadn't equal heedd of Rosslyn." "I hadn't..." She scanned the inviolability, seeming dubious. "My grandfather must invadetain brought me hither when I was very present. I don't apprehend. It aims offspringhold." As her eyes scanned the opportunity, she began shaky delay aggravate dogmaticalness. "Yes." She toped to the aspect of the inviolability. "Those two posts... I've seen them." Langdon seemed at the bcareer of involvedly sculpted columns at the far end of the inviolability. Their snowy laceproduct carvings seemed to work delay a deep verity as the decisive of the day's sununweighty egressed in through the west twistow. The posts - positioned whither the altar would normally aabide - were an oddly matched brace. The post on the left was twisted delay settlemently, upupcorrect outlines, occasion the post on the equitable was broken delay an decorated, floweaccentuation spiral. Sophie was already moving delayin them. Langdon impetuous following her, and as they aimed the posts, Sophie was shaky delay scepticism. "Yes, I'm dogmatical I invadetain seen these!" "I don't dubitate you've seen them," Langdon said," but it wasn't necessarily hither." She deviateed. "What do you average?" "These two posts are the most duplicated architectural erections in narrative. Replicas security all aggravate the universe." "Replicas of Rosslyn?" She seemed skeptical. "No. Of the posts. Do you spirit precedent that I mentioned Rosslyn itself is a portraiture of Solomon's Temple? Those two posts are rectilinear replicas of the two posts that luminous at the leader of Solomon's Temple." Langdon toped to the post on the left. "That's involved Boaz - or the Mason's Pillar. The other is involved Jachin - or the Apprentice Pillar." He paused. "In deed, virtually integral Masonic meeting-offspring in the universe has two posts affect these." Langdon had already clear-uped to her environing the Templars' potent narrative ties to the new-fashioned Masonic secluded societies, whose pristine degrees - Apprentice Freemason, Fellowcraft Freemason, and Conquer Mason - harked end to future Templar days. Sophie's grandfather's slowst plan made frequented regard to the Conquer Masons who beautified Rosslyn delay their twisted choice oblations. It to-boot famed Rosslyn's convenient ceiling, which was covered delay carvings of stars and artificeets. "I've neternally been in a Masonic meeting-house," Sophie said, peaceful eyeing the posts. "I am seally dogmatical I saw these hither." She deviateed end into the chapel, as if seeming for someobject else to jog her retention. The security of the investigateors were now leaving, and the present docent made his way aggravate the chapel to them delay a merry encourage. He was a agencysome present man in his slow twenties, delay a Scottish brogue and strawberry blond hair. "I'm environing to cbetray up for the day. May I succor you furnish eternallyything?" How environing the Holy Grail? Langdon neglected to say. "The decree," Sophie blurted, in rash discovery. "There's a decree hither!" The docent seemed amiable by her devotion. "Yes thither is, ma'am." "It's on the ceiling," she said, deviateing to the equitable-agency embankment. "Somewhither aggravate... there." He encouraged. "Not your highest investigate to Rosslyn, I see." The decree, Langdon meditation. He had obsolete that scanty bit of letters. Floating Rosslyn's bulky mysteries was a exhibited archway from which hundreds of stone arrests protruded, main down to construct a bizarre multifaceted exterior. Each arrest was twisted delay a quality, seemingly at unpremeditated, creating a nonentity of unfathomable adjustment. Some herd purposed the decree inspired the introduction to the exhibit adown the chapel. Others purposed it told the gentleman Grail marvellous-story. Not that it substanceed - cryptographers had been obscure for centuries to denonentity its averageing. To this day the Rosslyn Trust offered a disinterested compensate to anyone who could ununiverse the secluded averageing, but the decree remained a enigma. "I'd be blissful to appearance..." The docent's expression trailed off. My highest decree, Sophie meditation, moving remaining, in a trance, delayin the encoded archway. Having agencyed the rosewood box to Langdon, she could aim herself gravityarily forgetting all environing the Holy Grail, the Priory of Sion, and all the mysteries of the departed day. When she arrived adown the encoded ceiling and saw the qualitys aloft her, the memories came flooding end. She was recalling her highest investigate hither, and strangely, the memories conjured an unlocked-for soberness. She was a scanty maid... a year or so following her extraction's failure. Her grandfather had brought her to Scotland on a inadequate holiday. They had succeed to see Rosslyn Chapel antecedently going end to Paris. It was slow equaling, and the chapel was determined. But they were peaceful delayin. "Can we go settlement, Grand-pere?" Sophie begged, aiming jaded. "Soon, high-priced, very deficiently." His expression was dismal. "I invadetain one decisive object I neglect to do hither. How environing if you abide in the car?" "You're doing another big individual object?" He nodded. "I'll be rapid. I engagement." "Can I do the archway decree repeatedly? That was fun." "I don't apprehend. I invadetain to stalk succeeding a occasionout. You won't be solicitude-alarmful in hither remaining?" "Of frequentedion not!" she said delay a huff. "It's not equal ebon yet!" He encouraged. "Very polite then." He led her aggravate to the execute archway he had appearancen her precedent. Sophie presently plopped down on the stone sole, untrue on her end and staaccentuation up at the collage of be-wilderment pieces aggravatehead. "I'm going to shatter this decree antecedently you get end!" "It's a career then." He determination aggravate, kissed her forehead, and walked to the nearby countenance door. "I'll be equitable succeeding a occasionout. I'll liberty the door notorious. If you neglect me, upcorrect fawn." He egressed into the yielding equaling unweighty. Sophie lay thither on the sole, gazing up at the decree. Her eyes felt somnolent. Following a few minutes, the qualitys got fuzzy. And then they disappeared. When Sophie awoke, the sole felt indifferent. "Grand-pere?" Thither was no solution. Lasting up, she brushed herself off. The countenance door was peaceful notorious. The equaling was getting eboner. She walked succeeding a occasionout and could see her grandfather delayedsting on the vestibule of a nearby stone offspring quickly following the temple. Her grandfather was talking hushly to a individual inadequately plain delayin the shadeed door. "Grand-pere?" she involved. Her grandfather deviateed and prosperd, noiseing for her to abide upcorrect a gravity. Then, unwillingly, he said some slowst utterance to the individual delayin and blew a kiss delayin the shadeed door. He came to her delay sad eyes. "Why are you crying, Grand-pere?" He excellent her up and held her seal. "Oh, Sophie, you and I invadetain said amiable-bye to a lot of herd this year. It's oppressive." Sophie meditation of the additament, of speech amiable-bye to her mother and father, her grandmother and baby brother. "Were you speech amiablebye to another individual?" "To a high-priced adherent whom I benevolence very greatly," he replied, his expression depressed delay agitation. "And I solicitude-alarm I obtain not see her repeatedly for a very covet interval." Standing delay the docent, Langdon had been scanning the chapel embankments and aiming a encouragement economy that a quiescent end susceptibility be looming. Sophie had neutralizeed off to seem at the decree and left Langdon flattering the rosewood box, which contained a Grail map that now appeared to be no succor at all. Although Sauniere's lay clfuture involved Rosslyn, Langdon was not stable what to do now that they had arrived. The lay made regard to a 'blade and chalice', which Langdon saw nowhere. The Holy Grail 'neath opportunity-honored Roslin abides. The blade and chalice indemnifying o'er Her gates. Again Langdon sensed thither remained some visaget of this enigma yet to disclose itself. "I detest to pry," the docent said, eyeing the rosewood box in Langdon's agencys. "But this box... susceptibility I ask whither you got it?" Langdon gave a jade laugh. "That's an saveionally covet fable." The present man hesitated, his eyes on the box repeatedly. "It's the strangest object - my grandmother has a box rectilinpresent affect that - a jewelry box. Selfsame inclined rosewood, corresponding inlaid rose, equal the hinges seem the corresponding." Langdon knew the present man must be high-pricedthaken. If eternally a box had been one of a bark, it was thisone - the box custom-made for the Priory keystone. "The two boxes may be common but - " The countenance door determined clamorously, project twain of their glowers. Sophie had egressed delayout a account and was now wandeaccentuation down the coarse delayin a axiomstone offspring nearby. Langdon stared following her. Whither is she going? She had been acting strangely eternally gone they invadeed the erection. He deviateed to the docent. "Do you apprehend what that offspring is?" He nodded, to-boot seeming be-wildermentd that Sophie was going down there. "That's the chapel rectory. The chapel curator speeds there. She to-boot happens to be the leader of the Rosslyn Trust." He paused. "And my grandmother." "Your grandmother leaders the Rosslyn Trust?" The present man nodded. "I speed delay her in the rectory and succor haunt up the chapel and present trips." He shrugged. "I've speedd hither my total morals. My grandmother loud me in that offspring." Concerned for Sophie, Langdon advanced aggravate the chapel delayin the door to fawn out to her. He was inadequately halfway thither when he sealped inadequate. Someobject the present man said upcorrect registered. My grandmother loud me. Langdon seemed out at Sophie on the coarse, then down at the rosewood box in his agency. Impossible. Slowly, Langdon deviateed end to the present man. "You said your grandmother has a box affect this one?" "Almost selfsame." "Whither did she get it?" "My grandfather made it for her. He died when I was a baby, but my grandmother peaceful talks environing him. She says he was a cleverness delay his agencys. He made all barks of objects." Langdon glimpsed an unimaginable web of intercourses emerging. "You said your grandmother loud you. Do you purpose my asking what happened to your parents?" The present man seemed surprised. "They died when I was present." He paused. "The corresponding day as my grandfather." Langdon's benevolence pounded. "In a car additament?" The docent recoiled, a seem of astonishment in his olive-green eyes. "Yes. In a car additament. My perfect extraction died that day. I past my grandfather, my parents, and..." He hesitated, glancing down at the sole. "And your sister," Langdon said. Out on the coarse, the axiomstone offspring was rectilinpresent as Sophie spirited it. Ignorance was gravitateing now, and the offspring exuded a zealous and attracting aura. The nidor of bunravel wafted through the notorioused shadeed door, and a encouraging unweighty shone in the twistows. As Sophie approached, she could heed the hush investigates of sobbing from delayin. Through the shadeed door, Sophie saw an old dame in the hallway. Her end was to the door, but Sophie could see she was crying. The dame had covet, rampant, silver hair that conjured an unlocked-for wisp of retention. Passion herself drawn sealr, Sophie stalkped onto the vestibule stairs. The dame was clutching a framed photograph of a man and pathetic her fingertips to his visage delay fond soberness. It was a visage Sophie knew polite. Grand-pere. The dame had lucidly heedd the sad tidings of his failure decisive ignorance. A consideration squeaked adown Sophie's feet, and the dame deviateed unwillingly, her sad eyes furnishing Sophie's. Sophie neglected to run, but she luminous transfixed. The dame's fervent glower neternally prosperred as she set down the photo and approached the shadeed door. An datelessness seemed to by as the two women stared at one another through the diluted snare. Then, affect the unwillingly gatheaccentuation spolite of an sea prosper, the dame's visage transformed from one of casualty... to disgrace... to anticipation... and slowstly, to crenettle joy. Throwing notorious the door, she came out, aiming delay yielding agencys, cradling Sophie's amazed visage. "Oh, high-priced slip... seem at you!" Although Sophie did not avow her, she knew who this dame was. She genial to converse but institute she could not equal murmur. "Sophie," the dame sobbed, kissing her forehead. Sophie's utterance were a choked breathe. "But... Grand-pere said you were..." "I apprehend." The dame establishd her yielding agencys on Sophie's shoulders and glowerd at her delay offspringhold eyes. "Your grandfather and I were firm to say so numerous objects. We did what we meditation was equitable. I'm so vile. It was for your own trustworthyty, princess." Sophie heedd her slowst account, and presently meditation of her grandfather, who had involved her princess for so numerous years. The investigate of his expression seemed to imitation now in the opportunity-honored stones of Rosslyn, settling through the universe and reverberating in the unrecognized smoothnesss under. The dame threw her contest environing Sophie, the reverence easy rapider. "Your grandfather neglected so badly to promulgate you integralthing. But objects were perplexing betwixt you two. He genial so oppressive. There'sso greatly to clear-up. So very greatly to clear-up." She kissed Sophie's foreleader unintermittently repeatedly, then breatheed in her ear. "No aggravate secludeds, princess. It's interval you attain the accuracy environing our extraction." Sophie and her grandmother were seated on the vestibule stairs in a sad hug when the present docent dashed aggravate the lawn, his eyes effulgent delay anticipation and disgrace. "Sophie?" Through her reverence, Sophie nodded, delayedsting. She did not apprehend the present man's visage, but as they embraced, she could aim the government of the order fluent through his veins... the order she now underluminous they shared. When Langdon walked aggravate the lawn to acassociation them, Sophie could not think that inadequately yesterday she had felt so remaining in the universe. And now, somehow, in this strange establish, in the association of three herd she inadequately knew, she felt at decisive that she was settlement.