Posted: November 8th, 2022

The Hidden Secrets of the Ordovician Age


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The Hidden Secrets of the Ordovician Age
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Historical Geology class

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

Video link:

Video title on YouTube: The Hidden Secrets Of The Ordovician Age

The Hidden Secrets of the Ordovician Age Video: please watch the video and answer the following questions: 

1. Where is this video taking place? (1 pts)

2. Where was Australia’s position on Gondwana? (1 pts)

3. What did the first vertebrate look like and where was it first found? (1 pts)

4. What did the Murchison gorge look like during the Silurian? (1 pts)

5. What provided the oldest evidence for animals on land? (2 pts)

6. What kind of rocks are most likely preserved in the Murchison Gorge? – think about the environment they described. (4 pts)

7. Where was the first land plant found? ( 1 pts)

8. What kind of geologic structures would you expect to see in rocks from the Ordovician if there was a lot of wind? (3 pts)

9. What is happening to in-land Australia and why? (2 pts)

10. What rock is the Devonian Reef made of? (1 pts) 

11. In was Period did fish fill the ocean? (1 pts) 

12. During what period did Reptiles start breeding on land? (1 pts) 

13. Why are many rocks in Australia red? (2 pts)  

14. What is the mineral in these red rocks? (1 pts) 

15. What period contained the ice age? (1 pts)  

16. What kind of features indicate glacial coverage? (2 pts)

17. How is coal formed? (2 pts)

18. How did the Permian come to an end? (4 pts)

19. What percentage of species died? (1 pts)

20. List 3 things that you learned while watching this video (1 pts each)




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