The Role Of Mobile Applications In Different Businesses

Mobile Applications in Different Businesses

There are different businesses that are dependent on the different mobile applications in the present scenario. The smart phones are convenient in nature and it does not need much effort in order to stay connected with the different individuals in the entire world. There is huge amount of security in connecting with different individuals in the entire world with huge amount of security. The different needs of the individuals in the entire world as this will help in getting different information in an effective manner. The Google maps help the individuals in the entire society for understanding the different routes in a simple manner and solve the issues in an effective manner as well.

The different mobile applications help the businesses and individuals in the entire country in such a manner that this will help them in understanding the issues and solve them in an effective and effectual manner. The smart phones in the present scenario help in understanding the different desires and preferences of the customers to solve the issues on fingertips and help in providing different directions for the different problems (Baker and Saren 2016).

For example- the Google Maps that are installed in different smart phones help the different individuals when they are going to some new place and they do not have any idea about the place, and then they can operate the Google map to get the correct direction in an effective manner. The different Google map apps that are installed in Uber or other car services can help in getting the idea of the drop and pick up idea of the customers who are travelling with them in their transport.

Similarly, the other usage of the mobile applications in the different businesses are related to the food delivery applications such as Zomato, FoodPanda and Swiggy wherein the company will help in understanding the different orders and preferences of the customers and deliver the desired goods and services in an effective manner. The different food delivery applications can understand their direction of the customers where to deliver along with the restaurant from wherein the food will be reached to the customers within a specified deadline.


Figure 1: Value Chain Analysis of Big W

(Source: Baker and Saren 2016)

The Big W uses the logistics in order to serve the marketplace and they are offering logistics to the different customers. This will help the company in gaining competitive advantage. The different outbound logistics of the company has been estimated and they have reveled different higher density programmes. The marketing sales of the company have been huge in nature and this is helping them in promoting their sales and revenues in the market.

Logistics and Competitive Advantage

The competitive strategy of Big W is the differentiation strategy as this is helping the company in making apparent changes in the company. The strategy of differentiation helps the company in understanding the requirements of the customers as per the tastes and preferences of the customers in an effective manner. The evaluation of the development of the products along with the cost with actual sales helps them in understanding the issues and solves them in an effective manner (Martins, Oliveira and Popovi? 2014).


Figure 2: Business Model

(Source: Baker and Saren 2016)

The business model of Big W is wherein the different market of suppliers and the business enterprise has to be analyzed in an effective manner. The different preferences of the interest groups have to be analyzed and this will help in analyzing the competitors in the market. The different economic forces have to be analyzed in an effective manner.

There is different kind of tasks that has to be performed by Big W in order to accomplish the primary value chain activity. The kind of tasks is as follows:

  • Proper outputs has been gained by the respective company wherein the company will generate huge amount of revenues and profit (Gereffi and Fernandez-Stark 2016)
  • The competitive advantage has been gained by the company by understanding the sources from where the company is gaining profit and will accomplish the goals in the future (Kim et al. 2014) 

Internet helps in providing information that is used in order to get different packets to the different destinations that are contained in the different routing tables that is kept by the user. The routers are the different packet servers and the router is usually connected between the networks in such a manner that this will help in creating connection between them. The internet can be generated in such a manner that this will help in passing the packets through routers in the servers of packet. The internet is the global network of different computers wherein each computer is connected to the internet must have address that is unique in nature (Hulland, Baumgartner and Smith 2018).

The consumers in such a manner that will have the unique IP address in an effective manner and solve the issues in an effective manner can apply the different route packages.

When the usage of internet has to be taught to someone who has no knowledge about internet, it can be done in simple steps that are as follows:

  • It is taught in such a manner by operating the computer or laptop and making them understand the features of the internet (Gereffi 2014)
  • Secondly, while operating mobile, it can be analyzed that there are different applications that can be used in order to on or off the Wi-Fi application in the mobile
  • Lastly, the different broadband or other net recharge can be applied with an effective manner

Master Data management can be described as a method, which is used to define, and management the vast range of data in an organization. It helps in accumulation of the data and assembling it in a single point of reference (Avram 2014). The master data management is used to standardize the data, remove the duplicates and to manage customer information. The management of data tends to ensure that there prevails consistency in an organization and the management has the ability to control the various activities in an organization. 

Differentiation Strategy

In order to upstream and manage the multiple data sources, the management of master data plays a crucial role (Zhang et al. 2015). Hence, efficiency of the data system is extremely crucial to the whole system and helps in providing the customers with the best service. Master data management becomes important in handling challenges like:

  • Ensuring compliance with regulations- When all the data of the organization is arranged in an organized manner, it becomes better for the organization to manage their resources and make sure that the various activities in which the organization engages in are complete and do comply with the industry or the legal regulations. In case a company is not able to abide by the regulations, it becomes extremely difficult to survive long.
  • Reducing Costs-Management of data also helps in reducing and cutting down the costs of the business as it helps in managing the resources by combining them into a one point source.  It also prevents redundancy of data, which will then ensure that the funds of the firm are not wasted.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction- When the company wants to make sure that its customers get the best service, it needs to keep their information in one place. For this purpose, data management goes a long way in helping the members of the organization to keep an updated database of customers
  • Increasing growth- When the services provided by the organization are adequate, it helps to enable growth prospects for the organization.
  • Managing risk- Master data management also helps the organization in managing the risk factor present in the organization. It is essentially important to keep a track of the organization`s activities and see to it that the organization does not deviate from its goals.

The managerial support is the best method to counteract the different breaches in the security. In order to take the different protocols of security for the different organizations along with different procedures in a serious manner, the management of the different organizations must press the different importance of various procedures. The different error of humans within the different organizations by the way of different employees opening different e-mails that are questionable in nature, surfing the internet and the selection of the poor password are the different concerns in the managerial support (Elbeck and Vander Schee 2016).

The managerial support is essential in nature, as this will help the different organizations in such a manner that this will help in solving the different queries in an effective manner. Different companies select the different kind of procedures, as this will help them in solving the different issues in such a manner through different procedures. The different kind of issues such as questionable e-mails and the net surfing is not done in a correct manner. Different companies in the present scenario and causing various issues relating to the security face these different issues. Lastly, the different issues need to be sorted out by different companies in an effective manner (Rust 2017).

Social Networking is the most popular topic of the decade. The medium helps in connecting all the customers and helps the producer to save costs.

Given below are some of the reasons why the advertisers are quite interested in the social networkers as a medium of advertising:

  • Increased Brand Recognition- Increasing the visibility of the company is extremely important as it helps to attract a larger crowd of the customers (Armstrong et al. 2015). It enables the company to find a new channel, which would help the brand to find a voice. Social media helps to keep an impression into the mind of the consumer. It helps the company to attract new customers as well as the old ones.
  • Improved brand loyalty– A brand, which engages in social networking advertising, enjoys higher satisfaction from its consumers. This is because, very often the customers tend to post their problem on the social networking website and if the company is successful in solving it then the company popularity increases considerably.
  • More Opportunities to Convert- It also provides a medium for the companies to avail more opportunities by providing a larger base of customers. When a company shares a blog post, image, video there are 1000s of users viewing it and it increases chances of them becoming potential customers of the organization (Tuten and Solomon 2017). Even if the click through is low on the posts, the conversion opportunity is extremely high.

Adding to it, it is also believed that social networking websites have a 100% lead to close rate than other forms of marketing. Hence, this proves that building a brand in social media can improve the image of the company. 

Wi-Fi is defined as the facility that allows different smart phones and computers along with different other services to connect with the internet or communicate with one another in such a manner that it will connect in a wireless manner. Wi-Fi is the definite technical standard that will be underlying most wireless networks through local area wireless networks (WLANs). The Wi-Fi is used in different wireless areas in such a manner that this will help in solving the different kind of issues in an effective manner (Lamberton and Stephen 2016).

Business Model

The mobile is the computing devices that can connect to the internet in an easy manner from different assess points of public that are known as hotspots. The computing of mobile and m-commerce applications can be delivered easily in an effective manner in the environment at an adequate manner along with proper speeds of communication (Shewan et al. 2014). The entire Wi-Fi is reducing the entire need for the different wide area networks that is wireless in nature. This kind of wireless networks is based on the cellular technology. Wi-Fi will help the different companies and other individuals with providing the network that can help in reducing the requirement of the wireless networks in different regions in the entire country.

Human Resource Management is concerned with the welfare of the people who are working in an organization. The human resource of the company plays a key role in carrying out the various activities of an organization and helps the members to work efficiently (Beardwell and Thompson 2014). The primary activities of the human resource of an organization are recruitment, HR maintenance and development as well a planning and hiring.

Web resources come very useful here. The companies need people to look after the various functions of the business and thus it becomes helpful for the companies to hire the various people who have put out their profiles for such companies. The web serves to be a huge source of database for the companies, which help them to attract a wide base of candidates for the organization.

Online recruitment helps the firm to reach out to a wider pool of better applicants. On top of that, the cost of online recruitment is considerably low as compared to other methods. Web also plays a key role in training and development of the candidates. IT also provides a system to support the payroll and the records of the employees and engages the managers in better administration (Purce 2014). Hence, web plays a crucial role in Human Resource Management.

Customer Relationship Management systems help in integrating and automating customer facing processes in the sales along with customer service. This helps in providing enterprise wide view to the customers and companies can utilize the knowledge of customers when there is interaction with customers. This will help in providing better service, sell better service and these systems, and identify the profitable and non-profitable customers. The different operational and analytical customer relationship management will help in reducing the rate of churning and identify the different customers in an effective manner. These kind of systems will help in solving the different queries of the customers (Turker and Altuntas 2014). 

Tasks of Big W

The different software packages of customer relationship management provide the capabilities to both operational and analytical customer relationship management. They even include the different modules for managing the different relationships with the partners who sell different software packages to the company. The customer relationship management will help in maintaining relationship management with the partners for the employee relationship management. The customer intimacy can be achieved by the different enterprises in such a manner that this will help the entire company to gain competitive advantage in the competitive market (Clark 2015).

Supply chain comprises of various networks, which help in facilitation and distribution of various products from the suppliers to the customers. The supply chain is an extremely important aspect of any organization, which helps to deliver the needs of the customer. Planning refers to the drafting of the supply chain operations in the business in order to make sure that customers are delivered what they require (Stadtler 2015). Planning helps a supply chain in the following manner:

Planning improves Efficiency

When the networks are planned properly then the supply chain becomes successful in improving the efficiency of the business operations. When all the activities of the supply chain are planned properly, the customer is bound to get a better service.

Planning improves Economy

Very often, various companies tend to produce in large scale to implement the economies of scale. The economies of scale help a business organization to reduce its costs. When the supply chain is planned properly, then it helps in improving the cost component of the business enterprise (Christopher 2016). The units produced need to be accurate and planned carefully so that the goods do not go waste and the company can do well in terms of its stock.

Planning Improves Expectation

Planning helps in improving the expectation of the company from its operations. Planning helps the company to set certain goals of the company and raise the expectations of the company. When a company has not planned properly, it may not realize its full potential. 


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