Myra Levine Theory Critique

Introduction Myra Levine inaccomplished a lofty supposition of disposition keeping. Using the Chinn and Kramer Copy for flavor, this disquisition obtain represent the supposition reviewing view, concepts, withholdings, relationships, edifice, arrogances, and rationale for preference. Then, the supposition obtain be critically examined for clarity, plainness, generalizability, accessibility, and consequence. Disposition keeping stipulates a sole framelabor for counsel and exoteric habit. Well-defined concepts of environment, vigor, nurture, and resigned can influence elaboration. However, the supposition has poor impression to some areas such as vigor furtherance and complaint stoppage. Further polish of this supposition would beneficially enucleate the notice cheap of nursing, influence habit, and assist to permissive tidingsinations. Description of Supposition View Myra Levine was an apprehensiond nurture and instructor who sought to eliminate medical-surgical students environing deep concepts in nursing. Levine wanted the rendezvous of nursing to be resigned-centered instead of task-oriented (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2011). Also, approve other coming nursing scholars, Levine wanted to interval nursing habit from physic (Meleis, 2012). Trophicognosis is a message Levine artful to re-establish medical diagnosis. Trophicognosis referred to nursing judgement arrived at by the or-laws method; according to Meleis (2012) trophicognosis was a “conducive source for the use of the nursing system” (p. 291). Concepts Levine cheapd her hypothetical concepts on her identical philosophy. Levine viewed man as “an ever-changing organism in faithful interaction after a while an ver-changing environment” (Levine, 1969, p. 93). Levine estimated living-souls reply to their environment in a regular way cheapd on their perceptual systems. Therefore, Levine conceptualized nursing cheapd on the purpose that “an sensation of these responses obtain arrest the resigned’s instrument, exshift his environment to fit his instrument, and be an production of his perceptual systems when his own are impaired” (Levine, 1969, p. 93). Keeping is sole to Levine’s supposition and is the elementary concept (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2011). Levine attested immodest keeping principles as a framelabor for nursing interventions and rerunning the design of keeping as writing (Meleis, 2012). Other guiding concepts interposed completion, organismic responses, writing, uprightness, and perceptual systems. Definitions The keeping copy clcoming bounds deep concepts cognate to resigneds, environment, writing and disposition keeping. Levine did not reckon it was an garb that the tidings “health” was moderate from the Anglo-saxon tidings for “whole” (Levine, 1969). Levine saw resigneds as accomplished people made up of dynamic systems that uninterruptedly solicit a avow of adjust. Levine viewed vigor and complaint as patterns of adaptive shift parallel a continuum of dynamic systemes after a whilein a person’s sole pathophysiology and environment (Levine, 1966). Both inner and palpable environments were representd; the palpable environment was categorized as perceptual, operational, or conceptual. Keeping of disposition was boundd as the design, or tidingsination, of nursing; the concept of keeping interposed deeptaining a person’s collective, identical, and structural uprightness (Meleis, 2012). Relationships According to Levine, the resigned’s vigor is contingent on the nurture-cherished system of writing (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2011). Nurses part as an production of the resigned’s perceptual systems, but labor to end the trust as straightway as practicable (Levine, 1966). Edifice The keeping copy follows a straight gradation from desynchronization to disposition keeping to writing. As a resigned-focused and design oriented supposition, victory is measured by tidingsination-rerunning criteria. Assumptions Levine presented numerous indicated and patent arrogances throughout her supposition enucleatement. Levine’s arrogances centered on the vivacity of the rational apprehension, writing, and nursing. The most guiding arrogance was the completion and perplexity of resigneds (Meleis, 2012). Rationale for Preference There are numerous reasons to consider Levine’s Keeping Model. The concept of disposition keeping is sole to this copy. Levine estimated in holistic caution and cherished resigned’s rights to identically bound their vigor (Meleis, 2012). The concept of completion is concuring after a while most new-fashioned philosophies of nursing. The World Vigor Organization withholding of vigor is so concuring after a while Levine’s concepts. Many multidisciplinary concepts describe to writing, including physics, physiology, and neuroskill (Meleis, 2012). These concepts may adapt coming supposition enucleatement and elaboration. Finally, in the exoteric socio-political environment, tidingsination-rerunning supposition obtain approvely beseem increasingly applicable as reimbursement depends on resigned tidingsinations. Critical Reflection Clarity Chinn and Kramer boundd clarity cheapd on relief of sense and consistence of concepts (Meleis, 2012). Myra Levine precisely and precisely labeled her supposition Disposition Conservation. It is plain that her priggish habits influenced withholdings of deep concepts. I reckon she was concuring in her operational withholdings of the resigned, the nurture, the environment, and writing. However, I concur after a while Meleis (2012) that the moderate concepts of uprightness, completion, and rationalism do not own apparent boundaries. Plainness Some of the withholdings are abstruse, but Levine deeptained undesigning components concuring after a while the hypothetical arrogances & propositions (Meleis, 2012). Although rational responses are a abstruse lion, Levine poor abundantly of her paradigm to physiologic responses. I estimate this withholding benefits the use of her supposition for experimental approaches to elaboration. Generalizability The supposition of disposition keeping solicits to stipulate a generic framelabor for nursing caution. However, the pathophysiology-rerunning basis biases impression to clever caution settings. Likewise, the specificity of the keeping principles limits implications for habit. The supposition emphasizes soon message designs and treatment; it does not breed propositions for new-fashioned issues of alimentation, dissimilarity, vigor furtherance, long-message caution, origin caution, or association vigor (Meleis, 2012). Accessibility Levine’s supposition has been widely used to frequented counsel, administration, elaboration, and habit (Meleis, 2012). The supposition stipulates a conducive framelabor when disposition keeping is guiding for resigned re-establishment. Therefore, this framelabor beforehand applies to assailable resigned populations. However, a noncommunication of apparent withholdings, boundaries among concepts, and enucleatement of propositions reduces the supposition’s testability (Meleis, 2012). Consequence Practically applied, Levine’s supposition most beforehand describes to clever caution settings. However, after a whilein the lofty supposition of disposition keeping, Levine asserted concepts that are stagnant guiding today. Levine emphasized skill, established completion, and notorious resigneds as partners in caution (Fawcett & Swoyer, 2008). Experimental notice debris peremptorily to or-laws enucleatement in nursing. Also, contemporary nurtures widely confirm the paradigm of holistic caution. Person-environment interactions and vivacity systemes are subjoined purposes Levine presented which exoteric nursing habit confirms (Meleis, 2012). Conclusion Levine’s Keeping Copy has proven conducive as a hypothetical framelabor to enucleate counselal curricula, influence habit, and emend resigned tidingsinations. The supposition impression is poor to clever caution settings and noncommunications well-developed propositions for elaboration. However, the supposition possesses numerous projecting purposes which could acquiesce coming elaboration on environment, disposition, and writing. Levine confirmed the evolvement of theories, acknowledging their immanent for shift and enucleatement (Meleis, 2012). I reckon Levine would be pleasant that her purposes endure to be explored.