Heart and Stone Therapy

322 Apply stone therapy massage 322 Apply stone therapy massage By Lucy Barnett By Lucy Barnett Task 1a * The concern of heaveing out a minute collectiveness decomposition & applictalented tests is so that you can cull up on any standing faults, eschew any areas which may be contra involved and you are talented to impart them notice on ways to mend their standing. It is essential to heave out applictalented tests such as dispassioned or hot and spirited and ossify so that you are unquestioning the client can move the dissimilitude. This to-boot obstructs you from mischiefing your client if they can move bigwig amid the matter which moves excoriated. * The concern of positioning the client right so they are as comforttalented as feasible and you aren’t causing them any abstinence or deterioration. It is essential to be positioned right as a therapist so you obstruct yourself from abstinence or deterioration if you pleasantly and positioned right this can termination in repetitive percolate deterioration. It is essential to use the punish products, tools, equipment and technique accordingly so the client can move the best service from their matter and it allure not mischief the client. * It is essential to entire matter proceedingss right so that you handle on proceedings if the client has any contra-indications which may obstruct or circumscribe a matter. You allure to-boot handle on proceedings everything the client may be allergic to. * It is essential to entire the matter to the amends of the client so they go loose moveing lucky and repay to you repeatedly in the coming. Task 1b Historical and culture enhancement of stone therapy: The stones originated from Native Americans but they did not use them in massage. Stone therapy has been about for a covet occasion but has been modernised through the years and now we use cosmically outlined basalt pebbles and marble pebbles that handle been cut to outline to pronounce hot and dispassioned temperatures. Four types of stones: Basalt stones: Hot stone, made from momentary cast used all aggravate the collectiveness. Should be recharged unintermittently a month in either; a bowl of salt introduce, in frequented sunlight/ moonlight or burying in the world aggravatenight. Marble stones: dispassioned stone, made from limestone should be recharged by leaving in sunlight/moonlight or burying in the world aggravatenight Marine stones: dispassioned stone, made from sedimentary cast should be recharged by leaving in sunlight/moonlight or burying in the world aggravatenight. Semi-precious stones: can be used hot or dispassioned, gem stones, usually used for shakra placing. Should be recharged; delay reiki motive, leaving in sunlight/moonlight and defecation in a bowl delay other crystals. Physical and physiological property of hot and dispassioned stones: Property of hot stones 1 Vaso-dilation – the lineage vessels expand, bringing lineage to areas of the collectiveness ie bark * Increased prevalence – over oxygenated lineage circulating * Increased metabolism – speeds up the blame of nutrients life utilised * Increased pulse blame – helps the interior cross-examine efficiently * Increased cell metabolism – speeds up the system of manufacturing new cells * Increased lymph discharge – speeds up the disruption of toxins and decay * Relaxes the muscles – enables the therapist to labor on the muscles delayout causing disagreeableness to the client * Reduces muscle intentness Relaxes the judgment * Different emotions may principle some clients to move overthrow. Property of dispassioned stones 1 * Vaso-constriction – the lineage vessels limited, confer-uponation lineage loose from areas of the collectiveness, ie bark * Analgesic chattels – cosmical abstinence extrication released in the collectiveness * Reduces inflammation – superfluity lineage is charmed loose from the area * Reduces histamine – reduces this irritant frequently confer-upon in stressed muscles, causing the muscles to rest. * Collectiveness cross-examineed to the kernel organs, ie interior, lungs * Relaxes the judgment * Reduces headaches Task 1c One Fungal contamination that would obstruct the matter: Ringworm One Bacterial contamination that would obstruct the matter: Impetigo One viral contamination that would obstruct the matter: Shingles One extreme bark condition: Extreme eczema Ten contra-indications that would circumscribe the matter: 1. Diabetes 2. Epilepsy 3. High/low lineage presunquestioning 4. Piercings 5. Anxiety 6. Cuts 7. Abrasions 8. Bruises 9. Metal plates or pins 10. Recent dermabrasion Bibliography Task 1a - kernel unit’s tome Task 1b – lastone therapy tome Task 1c – notes charmed in class