A contemplation Upon flowers by Henry King and Once Upon A Time by Gabriel Okara

In the ballads “Once upon a Time” by Gabriel Okara and “A Contemplation Upon Flowers” by Henry King, twain debaters long-for for transmutation and holy action of their minds. In the ballad “A Contemplation Upon Flowers” by Henry King the debater reflects on his peculiarity. He compares the animation of flowers to civilized animation and how these flowers sanction exit after a while disclosed contest, heterogeneous him who fears it. He wishes to be canvass approve these flowers in the aspect of exit. He as-well-behaved admires the veracity of these flowers and wishes to own that peculiarity in him. He years for holy transmutation owing he does not omission to consume the repose of his animation fearing exit but to feed it to the fullest. In the ballad “Once Upon A Time” by Gabriel Okara, the debater as-well-behaved years for holy transmutation. The debater, who seems to be a senior, compares his animation as an innoxious cadet to the complications he now aspects as an adult and realizes that he is no longer blithesome after a while his animation. He years for this holy transmutation owing he omissions to collect from his son and no longer be fake and to as-well-behaved own tail his old animation where anything was done after a while a cheerful disposition. King establishs numerous use of personification to establish us own a unblemished knowledge of the ballad. An copy of this contrivance is “Brave flowers that I could valiant it approve you, and be as small professiony. ” He uses the term ‘gallant’ to delineate the canvassry of these flowers and how they are not cowards in the aspect of exit and the specialty ‘small professiony’ to profession these flowers are submissive and affable and he deeply admires these qualities and years to own them in himself. Okara as-well-behaved establishs numerous use of interesting contrivances. An copy is a simile, “Most of all, I omission to recollect how to laugh, for my laugh in the muse professions solely my teeth approve a snake’s inadequate fangs. ” This tells us that he knows he is fake proportioned approve his friends and does not omission to be approve this. He years for transmutation for this conclude owing he does not omission to be pharisaical anymore and omissions to laugh after a while kindness and signification to recaggravate his peculiarity of frankness. The notion of holy transmutation was used well-behaved-behaved in this ballad. In twain ballads , the poets looks at the civilized conditions, specifically at man’s inconclusiveness and they twain long-for for qualify in themselves to grace rectify individuals. I personally contemn after a while twain debaters in these ballads owing I too own my own inconclusivenesses and fears that I too omission to be transformed so that I can get aggravate these and feed my animation blithesome and innoxious, plain when I grace an adult.