Posted: January 25th, 2023

Two Essay on ethics

I have two ethics essay due…I will post relevant information to help you write the essay. Absolutely no I will check for plagerism

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Two Essay on ethics
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Essay Questions

  1. Where, in general, does the responsibility of the corporate executive lie? Is he or she primarily accountable to the shareholders, to the local community, or to the polity at large? State what the law is, but state also what it should be; then tell why, and give some examples of implementation.
    Watch the video presentation “Anatomy of a Hostile Takeover,” program 5
  2. Discuss the idea of loyalty presented in the biblical selection from Genesis, chapter 22 (pp. 49–50 of the Source Reader) and in Josiah Royce’s “Philosophy of Loyalty” (pp. 133–137 of the Source Reader). Do you think there should be limits to loyalty, either to God or country, especially for the professional soldier? Explain and defend your position.Watch the video presentation “Under Orders, Under Fire” (Part 1)

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