Posted: November 25th, 2022

two questions

  1. Critiquing Commercial Real Estate as an Investment?

    Read the article, “Commercial Real Estate Forecast 2014-2015”. This article gives the viewpoint that commercial real estate is forecasted to be on the rise in 2014 and 2015 since construction efforts are on the rise. But, it should be pointed out that there is a big distinction between a potential successful commercial enterprise versus a failing commercial enterprise based off of location and product. Some places are doomed to fail before they begin. The opposite viewpoint is presented in the article, “Commercial Real Estate’s Fearsome Future”. In this article, the author makes some points about how commercial real estate can’t go anywhere but down. This is due to technology and how people do not need to be near each other to become accessible. The world of retailing is virtual now and people are conducting more and more business online through group video conferencing and internet apps. 

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    After reading the articles, do you feel commercial real estate will successfully continue to rise in the next five years? Do you think commercial real estate will benefit or decline with the development of social media, internet sales, and online stores? Provide support for your analysis and explain what is needed for commercial real estate to see positive growth in the 

  2.  Optimal Commercial Real Estate Investment.

    Explain which commercial real estate asset you feel would be an ideal investment.  Why is this asset type ideal, given the current market? 


    Analyze several of your peers’ posts.  After reviewing their asset choice, do you see anything that may have been overlooked? Given the current market, do you see any potential issues with the asset class chosen

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