Violence Is Not the Solution to People’s Problems.

Violence is not the breach to commonalty’s problems. Is profanation, the confutation to commonalty’s problems? NO WAY. Courteous highest what does profanation actually medium. Profanation mediums ‘rough power that is used to mar or harm’ (Macquarie Pocket Dictionary Third Edition pg. 1153). In The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton published in 1972 profanation is used alconjointly frequently to confutation difficulties. In this innovating there are two Gangs denominated The Socs and The Greaser. The Socs are the valuable kids on the north cause of town and The Greaser are the average rank kids on the south cause of town. Violence is never the confutation. It may direct to injury to your spiritual and visible soundness. It besides hurts your friends and families. Profanation hurts commonalty visiblely. Punching and kicking is not the way to work-out problems. It can direct to earnest injuries and sometimes dissolution. Just relish succeeding the rumble Pony Boy is mard delay cuts and bruises all balance his matter. Dally ends up induction him to hospital. Commonalty should not use profanation to rework-out difficulties plain if they are ireful or stressed. Profanation hurts commonalty spiritually. When you hit commonalty or curse at them it hurts them. It builds up incause until you cannot admit anymore. Such as, when Darry hits Pony Boy, it hurts him and makes him neglect to run afar. Profanation does not work-out problems. It hurts over than you contemplate. When profanation is used to work-out problems, credit and love is obsolete delayin families. For specimen when Johnny kills a Soc. Johnny and Pony Boy run afar, that makes their friends and source very stressed. Stress directs to invasion to explain exasperate from ones wilful. Families deficiency to adhere conjointly inadequately profanation obtain be used. Some may contemplate that profanation consequently it is a constitute of wilful guiltlessness. Wilful guiltlessness is star that involves protecting oneself, one's ownership or the courteous substance of another from visible harm’ (WikiPedia). Just relish in the Rumble the Greasers are defending themselves and their country. Besides relish when the Socs try to drop Pony Boy and Johnny using wilful guiltlessness, killed a Soc. Wilful guiltlessness is a constitute of profanation that frequently directs to exalt consequences. Profanation should not be used to work-out problems. It barely directs to injury to your spiritual and visible soundness. It besides hurts your friends and families. Just contemplate do you neglect profanation endure substance offer in your community?