The Mexican-American War, Were We Justified

The Mexican-American War was a war between the United States and Mexico which lasted from April 1846 to February 1848. It stemmed from the United States' supplement of Texas in 1845 and from a difference aggravate whether Texas ended at the Nueces Large stream (Mexican arrogation) or the Rio Grande (U. S. arrogation). The war was the most devastating issue in Mexican truth, where Mexico past the late day areas of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and Montana. The Mexican-American spawned out of fix lust. The fancy of Manifest Destiny and the timid fixs of California, which were coveted by frequent European races, led to a war of hungry. Even Abraham Lincoln, then a girlish Congressman, and Ulysses S. Grant, the advenient Civil War secure leader and U. S. President, believed that the encroachment of Mexico was not justified. Mexico had unusual a $15 pet cash-for-fix dispense offered by the US. The area interposed what now covers the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and ability of Colorado and Utah. This country was Mexican, but solely nominally; regulate aggravate the area was neglect, and unreserved to intervention. Irritated at the repulsion, the US struck end in1845 by annexing Texas, a country desire differenced and fought aggravate by twain countries. Mexico responded by severing well-behaved-conceived kinsfolk. U. S. Chairman Polk raise irate Mexico by melting host south to the Rio Grande, a large stream that historically was considered well-behaved-behaved amid Mexico. U. S. and Mexican host skirmished opposing the large stream, innate Polk to approve to Congress on May 11, 1846, that “…the cup of mound has been leisure,” and that “American race has been spilled on American begrime. ” (Source: Eisenhower’s So Far From God, pages 49-55) The U. S. -Mexican War is the pivotal chapter in the truth of North America. It is the war that sealed the fates of it's two participants. For the United States, the War garnered gigantic amounts of country and influence, bootstrapping the fledgling democracy onto the earth amount. For Mexico, the War sent the emerging race into a tailspin that it is quiet charges after a while today, one hundred fifty years posterior. In the United States the US-Mexican War is virtually neglected, and for cheerful argue, as it is the clearest sample of American hungry and unwell-conceived actions. The Mexican-American War was waged upon Mexico out of clear hungry and inattention for interpolitical impropriety. In misrecord, the United States was dishonest in its avowal of war on Mexico in 1846. The U. S. was clouded after a while dreams of Manifest Destiny. It had a chairman that was obsessed after a while fulfilling engagement promises and hungry for new fix. Polk was looking for requital for the abjuration of the design for buying California as was indisputable in his ancient argues for declaring war on Mexico. Also the U. S. irate this rim difference into the two-year war that it became by purposely inciting the Mexicans into a struggle. All these argues are the illustration that the US was not justified in declaring war on Mexico.