Posted: November 8th, 2022

Western Art History Approaches……7

Western Art History Approaches

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Western Art History Approaches……7
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“The Female Figure in Western Art”


Examine how the female figure has been represented in western art history, beginning in prehistoric art and through the fourteenth century.  Please only use images from your text.

  • Build your discussion on specific works of art, using visual and historical analysis.
  • Please refer to “Writing Guide” found below. 
  • Use MLA to cite your sources, you will need at least five. They can be web based but please do not use Wikipedia.
  • Include a cited image of your selected work
    • 1.5 spaced, size 12 Times New Roman
    • The minimum is 2 pages the maximum is 3 pages (not including image or source page).
    • Must include a bibliography/source page 
    • Students must use their own words, any plagiarism will result in the student receiving a “0” for the assignment, a report to my department chair and possible further academic penalties

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