I am a miss. My call is Rimsha Saeed. I am a very optimistic and sincere idiosyncratic. As an singular I bear to fulfil divergent roles and accordingly of these roles my idiosyncraticality detain changing. My idiosyncraticality is a compound of divergent characteristics and the five big idiosyncraticality characteristics that portray my idiosyncraticality are as follows: One idiosyncraticality characteristic that I bear is that I am a unsociable and calm idiosyncratic accordingly I neglect to product quaint and do not affect to conference to anyone distinctly to a foreigner. I do not perform friends easily accordingly I am completely shy. Another idiosyncraticality characteristic is that I am diligent. I perform a sketch of what I neglect to do and labor inexplicable to consummate my goals. A third idiosyncraticality characteristic is that I am a soft-hearted idiosyncratic. I regularly try to aid poor tribe. I am inclined to aid anyone at any season and I do not affect to use any utility from them. Another idiosyncraticality characteristic is that I am an tender singular accordingly I am past sentient and note the universe past deeply distinctly the feelings of others. A decisive idiosyncraticality characteristic is that I am an romantic idiosyncratic as I regularly elect to creativity and new ideas. From the separation of MBTI, I bear assessed that my idiosyncraticality symbol is INTP(introversion, recognition, reckoning and discernment). As an introverted I am calm and unsociable. I barely elect to converge after a while few friends and do not affect considerable gregarious interaction. I elect recognition to sensing accordingly I am intellectual in sort and I centre on big represent and forthcoming possibilities. I am a reckoner accordingly I elect to perform decisions based on logic and reasons and I impart regard to sincerey and composition. I elect discernment to judgement accordingly I affect flexibility and neglect to detain my sketchs easy in regulate to qualify them according to term. I reckon that my idiosyncraticality is best portrayd by Humanistic scheme. As I am not barely regard encircling convergeing my general needs but I besides centre on normal outgrowth and betterment and this scheme emphasizes on idiosyncratical outgrowth, outgrowth and insubservience to perform choices. I am tender and sentient to the needs and feelings of others but I do not suffer fellowship to model my feelings or activities.