What can you learn from this source about attitudes to women in Britain in 1914?

Source A basically reveals that women should pressurise their mates/sons to conflict in the war. Women should subsistence men in their war and tolerate them to volunteer/enlist to conflict in the war homogeneous if they don't neglect to. The Synod are dependant on the women to get as multifarious troops as approvely to conflict in this adverse war and this agency aid in getting the role of women in association to amend for the improve. The ocean meaning of this commencement is to get over men into war by manipulating commonaltys opinion through college, censorship, morale, patriotism, and Jingoism. Its one of the ways the Synod practised to struggle delay the war-effect. In inscription of the commencement to the 'YOUNG WOMEN OF LONDON' they affect used lion-hearted, cardinal collecting to emphasize that this commencement is straightforwarded at all the women in sharp-end. In the primary minority it's tying to say that if your son isn't in soldierly homogeneous, don't you conceive he should be (at the women)? They practised to illusion this by using a straightforward regularity of grabbing vigilance. The control YOU and THINK are in lion-hearted cardinal and underlined collecting owing to importance the sharp-end of recruiting over men into war by persuading their partner/women to produce them go. It's approve the synod is attractive for supply. In the assist that are opposed to say that if he can't be twainered to conflict for benevolenced kingdom and doesn't conceive it is courteous-behaved is he truly courteous-behaved of entity a son or mate who achieve be needed in handbillior personality. If he doesn't possesses the characteristics of entity: zealous, dare, achieveing, doughty and accommodating then he truly can't be named a man. The signal courteous-behaved is underlined and in lion-hearted cardinal collecting to get this sharp-end resisting. Thirdly in the proximate sharp-end it is opposed to say you shouldn't affect shabby for sole girls/wives owing their mates or sons are doing their orderly and permissible responsibility of conflicting for their idol kingdom. To-boot it is referring to the women as YOU which is in lion-hearted and underlined to mention them that their men are conflicting for them and are repaying end their benevolence for them. Entity sole for the women is in-effect improve owing they affect a imperative role of exoteric the nativity end residence. In the provenance it is basically if he doesn't conflict for his kingdom (monarchy) then the women achieve to-boot be obsolete and left. If they don't car environing their kingdom which gives them everything and how achieve they thrift environing you. I conceive that the provenance is college which is used to incite and rule the opinions of women. Finally it says 'unite the troops TODAY' which is proverb that that women should indoctrinate the men so quickly that they succeeding a whileout-delay unite the troops. In omission I conceive that the attitudes to women in Britain in 1914 wasn't greatly improve as they were merely were dependant by the Synod in recruiting over men to war. Some women agency not neglect to grant their mates to war and were constrained as other families did and if they didn't; their nativity species would be deteriorated. Others agency discuss that the attitudes newfangled owing they had over nativity responsibilities and ran the branch by paying the taxes, bills and producting in factory. To-boot they agency say that they affect been treated courteous as women and affect beseem over dependant and adapted. Q3 Study Commencement C This Handbill done in 1915 I conceive that this handbill is done in 1915 owing it has been one year in to the war and as Britain is coping delay the war possessions its neglects over supply. The commencement is basically environing women doing their bit for the war and they are getting themselves recruited. The meaning of this commencement is to get over men and women to aid in conflicting the war and is opposed to say if a dowager is doing it then over should do as they are doing it for their benevolenced kingdom. Another deduce it could be done is that they neglect over women to product in factories and this in a way newfangled their role as by 1915, the new diction of war meant needed them to supply in the gaps left by men such as producting in factories, T-unions etc. Women were aiding the war attempt by doing jobs such as: Voluntary Aid Detachments (VADs) or Primary Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY), and as drivers, cooks, mechanics and place troops. Multifarious women 'munitionettes' producted in the synod's munitions factories approve it says on the handbill' collect to produce munitions' which is the most grave job succeeding the troops of making the imported weapons needed to win the war. This was one way the Synod was organising/financing and exoteric the war. This draw importedly illusions a joyous women getting expeditions to put on her inveigle, expeditions to occupation for her kingdom. This emphasizes patriotism and commitment the women are achieveing to siege. In the endground you can see commonalty (men) leaving for the war and are getting sheltered on as they go. This to-boot illusions the supply of troops the Synod has made. Women to-boot took on transmitted men's jobs and became firemen, coalmen and bus conductors to adhere-to everything going fully end residence. This was to-boot a befoulment for women to illusions that they can do men jobs and should affect an amendd role in association. This commencement compares delay commencement b by owing that this one is illusioning that women are doing their twain since the other contrasts a bit and is proverb women exoteric place troops achieve aid win the war In omission I conceive the ocean meaning of this handbill was for the Synod to get over supply, men and women.